Sprays are our appreciation engine where people can appreciate each others Contreebutions.

What is a Spray?

Sprays are our appreciation engine where people can appreciate each others' Contreebutions. The more it is sprayed the more people it is being reached to.  To get more sprays, you will need to share your Contreebutions on Social Media platforms where people will come back and join Contreebute.world. Only Contreebutors can "Spray" on your article by clicking  water.png icon on the page.  The idea here is to make your Contreebution reached out to every corner of the world. This is knowledge and idea sharing and one of the guiding principles of Contreebute.world. To make information and knowledge available across the globe and to the masses. 

What happens when you Spray on a Contreebution?

The Contreebution will grow from a Sprout to a Plant and then there is a lot of fun with numbers. 

1 - 100  - Sprout  sprout.png
100 - 300 - Plant  bamboo.png
300 - 700 - Tree artichoke.png
700 - 2000 - Trees pine-tree.png
2000 - 10000 - Park park (3).png
10000  -  25000 - Forest trees.png
25000 - 50000 - Green Continent long-distance (1).png
50000 - 100000 - Green Planet map.png
100001+ - Off to a new planet rocket (2).png


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