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Adding an article is easy. This tutorial will help you get up to speed in a breeze.

How to create a page or an article

Step by Step guide

(Click on the sections below)

- Top Bar

- Floaty

- Dashboard "WRITE AN ARTICLE" utton

Fill in all the required details as below

Then click on "Edit" to Preview and Add more content

** There are a few mandatory fields which are required and one of which is the topics. You will have to select which one of the available ones your articles belongs to. This is important for other to follow your Contreebution.

- Check "Add Content" on the top bar to add more content

- Add more content by dragging and dropping the blocks in the dropzone.

The dropzones are areas on the page where you can drop a block of content.

Check here for more information on the available blocks.

- When finished, click on "Composer" again on the top bar and check for the Page Settings once. You can also add SEO** information to promote your content.

A few optional checks

- Check for Mobile Preview

- Check for the View as a User which is a Guest user (Public view)

**Check here for more information on SEO

When finished, click on "Post Now" button to post your article. You will receive an email confirmation that you have posted successfully.

Know more about what happens when you post here.