Content Publishing Policy

This will take you through to the publishing nitty-gritty policy and what do we allow you to publish.

Content - What you publish on Contreebute

Table of Contents

Relevant content

The place is for you to publish content for contributing in a topic and you are free to share knowledge with the world. This knowledge can be your original idea, inspired idea or theory or a help someone might need on a topic. If you are sharing someone else's content, you would need to mention the source of the information. There are many topics you can share your idea on. Check out the Topics section.

Irrelevant content

If you're puting an advertisement this is not the right place. The platform is for knowledge and idea sharing. 

In some cases, we may not accept your article if we believe it is not meeting the purpose of Contreebute. You would have to keep in mind that this is a contributing platform where you are sharing knowledge. 

Reviews: Overly positive marketing-speak reviews

Don't post reviews with overly positive or "marketing-speak" writing styles. Our content team has the final say on what is considered to be marketing-speak.

Personal attacks

Don't post personal attacks, threats or insults directed at other people. There is also no need to respond to personal attacks in a similar manner as your account may be removed too. Instead, report the content or the member by emailing us at

Reviews: Personal reprisals against staff or business owners

Don't post personal reprisals against staff or business owners. If your listing has been affected by a personal vendetta you should report the review to our content team using the flag icon and provide as much evidence as you can.

Intolerance and vilification

Don't post content that contains intolerance or vilification of other people's race, culture, beliefs, physical or mental conditions, gender, religion, age, etc.


Don't swear! Whether the swear word is an acronym or you're using asterisks or the word is somehow misspelt but the meaning is evident.
Words like "crap", "damn", etc. are not considered swear words, but we do encourage professional language as this adds more value to your posting.


Don't post advertising in your reviews, comments, etc. This includes viral advertising, links, promotions, etc. Product recommendations are acceptable depending on the context.
Our content team has the final say in ambiguous cases.

Don't post external links that are irrelevant or lead to unsafe/offensive websites.

Affiliation to the listing

Don't review a listing if you are affiliated with or were affiliated with it in the past. This includes past or present employees, family and friends of employees. 

Pointless posting sprees

There is no reason to flood Contreebute with multiple comments, questions or answers that add no value to the discussion.
We reserve the right to remove your content in bulk and ban your account.

Multiple accounts

Don't create multiple accounts. You can update your email address in your account settings.
If you have registered using standard registrations and can't login into your account, use the forgot your password tool.

Review verification and requests for additional information

Our content team may run checks at their discretion to confirm if a reviewer has used the product or service they are reviewing. As part of these efforts, some members will need to provide additional information to confirm that they have purchased a product or are a customer of the service they are reviewing. This information is kept confidential as per our Privacy Policy.

Reviews written on company provided devices

Reviews written on company provided devices such as tablets or office computers may not be accepted.

Removal Requests
We consider reasoned and polite requests regarding content removal. If you believe a review or other content should be removed for breaching our Posting Guidelines, infringing or violating someone’s rights or otherwise violating the law, you should report this by emailing us at Be detailed and factual as to why you think the content needs to be removed. The more evidence you provide, the easier it is for us to make a decision. Although we won't be able to reply to every request, rest assured that we investigate every one of them.

Fake positive reviews

No fake reviews are allowed and your content might be rejected. 

Fake negative reviews

Likewise no fake negative reviews are allowed.


We do not entertain any plagiarism on any content. You content will be disapproved if detected to be plagiarized. 

The role of Contreebutor

Simple, follow the above content guidelines and reach out to for any issues or concerns.

The role of Content Reviewer

The role of Content Reviewer is important as it controls the information being published on the site. The reviewer would have to check the key information on the page such as 

  • Check if the content meets the above content publishing guidelines 
  • Check if all the necessary steps are taken care of by the Contreebutor to ensure the integrity of the content. 
  • Check and review all the page attributes which include title, content, videos, images and all the multimedia content. All these should meet the content guidelines described above. 
  • There are a few important field which are hidden on the pages. These fields are meant to be for Search Engines and are called SEO Attributes. It is important for the content reviewer to review these fields and check if it is meeting our content publishing policy described above. 
  • If these guidelines are not met, the content reviewer would either get back to the Contreebutor or simply deny the content from being published on the site.